PBIS - Secondary

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What is PBIS?

A comprehensive Positive Behavior Support Plan includes a range of intervention strategies that are designed to prevent the problem behavior while teaching socially appropriate alternative behaviors. The goal is an enhanced quality of life for individuals involved and their support providers in a variety of settings.

The key features of PBIS, as identified by a pioneer in the field, George Sugai, include (6):
  • A prevention-focused continuum of support.
  • Proactive instructional approaches to teaching and improving social behaviors.
  • Conceptually sound and empirically validated practices.
  • Systems change to support effective practices.
  • Data-based decision making.

How does it work?

A key strategy of the PBIS process is prevention. The majority of students follow the school’s expectations, but are never acknowledged for their positive behavior. Through instruction, comprehension and regular practice, all stakeholders use a consistent set of behavior expectations and rules. When some students do not respond to teaching of the behavioral rules, PBIS schools view it as an opportunity for re-teaching, not just punishment.

Junior High Student of The Month
Baylor Wiseman

“Baylor Wiseman is one of the hardest workers, I have ever met. He always does his best and is excited to learn new things. He is just any all-around great student!!!” This was the description given by a faculty member about Baylor Wiseman, our February PBIS Junior High Student of the Month.

Baylor lives in Webster with his dad Todd, his mom Ilenna, his younger brother Todd, and his dog, Macy. While at school, he enjoys playing basketball, running track, and playing baseball. When at home, he likes to watch TV and play video games.

After graduation from English Valleys, Baylor would like to go to college and study to be a doctor. His advice to underclassmen and peers is, “Stay away from the drama and encourage each other.” Very profound words coming from a young person!

“I love PBIS! It’s so exciting to hear your name being called for something special!” are his thoughts on the PBIS program.

Here are some of Baylor’s favorites:
Movie: Any movie starring Will Ferrel, Adam Sandler, or Kevin James
TV show: Master Chef Junior and Blackish
Music: Closer, Shut Up and Dance, Stitches
Sport team: Chicago Cubs and the Iowa Hawkeyes
Outside activity: Walking his dog and running.
Food: French fries

Something unique about Baylor is that his mother and some of his relatives are from the country of Panama.
High School Student of The Month
Tommy Stecklein

Tommy Stecklein, son of Nick Stecklein, and twin brother to Timmy, lives in Millersburg, and is 45 seconds older than Timmy. He is our PBIS High school Student of the Month for February. “He has been so responsible: asking for help and respectful to most teachers. I have witnessed a huge change in Tommy and his attitude towards school in the last 3 months. He shows that even though he may have challenges in his life, he is trying as hard as he knows how to try.” These are the words used to describe Tommy by an EV faculty or staff member.

When not at school, Tommy can be found skateboarding or hanging out with friends. After high school he would like to go to college and study auto mechanics.His advice to underclassmen and his peers is, “Be respectful.” He likes PBIS because “it’s cool when you win prizes.” Some unique things about Tommy are that he is good at skateboarding and he is 45 seconds older than his twin brother Timmy. He can do “tricks” with his skateboard, too like Kick flip, Heel flip, Ollie,

Shove-it, Board slide, Variel kick flip, 180 front and back, and kick flip down floor stairs.

Some of his favorites:
Movie: Batman
TV Show: Flash
Music: Machine Gun Kelly
Sports team: Cleveland Indians
Outside activity: Skateboarding
Food : Pizza

We are excited to have Tommy as our February PBIS Student of the Month! Congratulations, Tommy!