PBIS - Secondary

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What is PBIS?

A comprehensive Positive Behavior Support Plan includes a range of intervention strategies that are designed to prevent the problem behavior while teaching socially appropriate alternative behaviors. The goal is an enhanced quality of life for individuals involved and their support providers in a variety of settings.

The key features of PBIS, as identified by a pioneer in the field, George Sugai, include (6):
  • A prevention-focused continuum of support.
  • Proactive instructional approaches to teaching and improving social behaviors.
  • Conceptually sound and empirically validated practices.
  • Systems change to support effective practices.
  • Data-based decision making.

How does it work?

A key strategy of the PBIS process is prevention. The majority of students follow the school’s expectations, but are never acknowledged for their positive behavior. Through instruction, comprehension and regular practice, all stakeholders use a consistent set of behavior expectations and rules. When some students do not respond to teaching of the behavioral rules, PBIS schools view it as an opportunity for re-teaching, not just punishment.

Junior High Student of The Month

Amanda Orozco

Our junior high PBIS “Student of the Month” for January is Amanda Orozco. She is the daughter of Sharon Rurpard. Amanda has brother Joey, and two sisters Rhea and Sabrina. Amanda lives in North English with her mom and her dog.

Amanda plays the flute in the junior high band, and loves to watch her friends in other after school activities. In her spare time, she loves to hang out with her friends, play video games, walk her dog, and draw.

After high school, Amanda would like to go to college and study marine biology. The advice she would like to give her peers is, “Always try your best even when you dislike what you are doing...Try to find something fun about it.” Her thoughts on PBIS are, “We are rewarded prizes for being responsible and respectful, when we should be those things without rewards. I think its on the right path, but not quite there yet.”

Pretty strong idea from a young mind!

Amanda says there really isn’t anything unique about her, however she is very tall! Here are some of her favorite things:

Movie: Pixels
TV Show: Psyche
Outside activity: Making Games up with Her Friends Food: Beef and Noodles

We are excited to showcase Amanda and are very proud of her efforts in school. Keep up the great work! 

High School Student of The Month

Eric Rodby

Eric Rodby, the youngest son of Vesta Rodby. He lives in the town of North English and has an older brother, Dakota who does not live at home. Eric is very active in the fine arts at school. Since junior high: he has participated in band, chorus, jazz band, the musical Beauty and the Beast, speech team, and is currently practicing for the spring play.

In his spare time Eric can be found playing video games, writing character backstories, and playing music. He plays the bass in the school’s incredible pep band and jazz band! After he graduates next year, he would like to go to college and be a computer programmer or a music teacher.

Eric’s advice to the underclassmen and his peers is, “Always stick to what you feel is right. Never lose your determination for anything you wish to accomplish.” He says, “PBIS is a great way to reward those who have good hearts. It also helps students see that hard work pays off.”

Something you might not know about Eric, is that when he plays his video games, he is very meticulous is planning out his characters, like in his game Skyrim.

Here are some fun favorites:
Movie: Anastasia or The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. TV Show: Arrow
Song: Battle Scars: Paradise Fears
Sports Team: Cincinnati Bengals
Outside Activity: Soccer
Food: Vegetable Lo Mein

Once again, the faculty and staff have chosen another great PBIS representative at the high school. Congratulations Eric!