Educational Equity Information

Educational Equity Information
One of the requirements of the Title IX of  the Education Amendments of 1972 (sex discrimination), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (disability discrimination), and Chapter 95 of the Iowa Administrative Code (employment discrimination) is the district assign an employee the responsibility of coordinating compliance efforts. The District Equity Coordinator responsibilities extend through every aspect of district policies, programs, and practices; however, these responsibilities can be placed  into six basic categories:
Knowledge  of Federal and State Law: 
Develop  and maintain a working knowledge of Title IX (gender equity), Section 504 and  Americans with
Disabilities Act (disability equity), Title VI of the Civil  Rights Act (race/national origin equity) and relevant state laws.

Policies and Procedures:  To ensure that the  school district has the required board policies and grievance
procedures in place.

Dissemination of Information: To ensure that information about the non-discrimination policies, harassment/bullying/hazing policies, the name and contact information for the equity coordinator(s), and information about the related grievance procedure is disseminated annually to board members, administrators, and all employees, students, parents and applicants for employment.  This information must be included in all major annual publications and the district’s website.

Professional Development:
To arrange for the training of staff and students  that will make them aware of their rights under the legislation as well as  assist them to carry out their responsibilities under the  law.

Facilitate  the Grievance Process: To mediate  conflicts and to ensure prompt and effective processing of complaints through  the facilitation of the school district’s board adopted civil rights grievance procedure.

To monitor the school district’s compliance with the  legislation by reviewing and disseminating disaggregated student achievement  data, building and course enrollment data, student activity data, and,  employment and personnel data. 
Membership on district advisory committees  should be monitored for gender balance, the inclusion of individuals  representing diverse racial/ethnic groups, as well as person with  disabilities.

The intent of the legislation is for the equity coordinator to be more than a processor of grievances and complaints.  Their role is to keep staff, students, and parents informed about their  responsibilities and rights under the law. They monitor programs and activities  within the district to ensure that they comply with federal and state equity  requirements related to sex, disability, race, color, national origin, religion,  creed, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, and  socioeconomic status.

Questions regarding the responsibilities of the Educational Equity Coordinator can be referred to the English Valleys Equity 


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